Two Way Radios at the Rodeo

Long Range Two Way Radios

As you all know, I created this blog to keep track of all of my rodeo adventures, update my fans and make myself available to the cowboy community. I like to share my experiences and advice, in a way that helps others . I know some of the readers of this blog are way more experienced than me and I would be happy to hear your opinion regarding long range two way radios.

The main goal when either participating in or managing a rodeo is to make sure that all acts are on schedule and at the very least, the entire staff can communicate with each other to alert each other of problems and setbacks. We all know that everything goes wrong in a rodeo, the trick is to make it look like you’ve got it all under control, which is only possible with a reliable communication channel.

Long Range Two Way Radios

Ideally, you will want everyone to be able to communicate throughout a large area, as most rodeos are held in the arenas. Some of the venues used are often too large of an area for regular walkie talkies, which makes long range two way radios the perfect solution. Whether your rodeo takes place in a University football stadium or a professional arena, these are a perfect option. A long range two way radio will allow you to communicate throughout an entire stadium, with a great battery life so that it can last for the entire 12-hour event.

I found this list of different types of long range two way radios to help you pick out which model will work best for you. Some are pretty expensive, so I encourage you to follow their recommendations, possibly even adding your own research, to make a good decision. I figure many of you either use or own a good set, whether you love or hate your set, let us know in the comments so that other readers can use the advice when they make their purchase.

Thanks in advance, Cowboy community! Let’s help each other be great!